The RUBIQ Solution

Our Enterprise GRC Solution assists our clients implement and achieve a truly integrated enterprise governance, risk and compliance strategy and management capability. The solution can also be broken down to focus on key verticals, such as SHEQ, ERM , etc., or we can assist with bespoke needs.

Our Enterprise GRC solution directly addresses two of the key failure points in GRC implementation:

  1. Manual processes which are inefficient and produce out-of-date data (reactive decision making)
  2. Silos of information and work efforts which produce inefficiencies and do not deliver the levels of assurance necessary.

RUBIQ supports a true combined assurance approach to GRC.

Maturity Assessment and Risk Exposure Discovery Gap Audit Execution RUBIQ Management Platform Rollout Ongoing Maintenance Step 1 As Is State of GRC Maturity AssessmentStep 2 Digital Scan / Hidden Risks Exposure ReviewStep 3 GRC Maturity Baseline Report Step 4 EGRC Compliance Plan formulation Awareness Training | Governance Reporting Structures Step 5Context of the Organisation Mapping / Data FlowStep 6Mapping and Risk | Function and Process mapping + Information tagging / Classification + risk assessmentStep 7Policy, Documents and Controls | Policy and document templates + review + control assurance and implementationStep 8 Monitoring | Optimise Control Review Evidence Assurance Procedure + issues and incident reportingStep 9 DSR / BCM / DR / Procedures and ProcessStep 10Reporting, Awareness and Business Intelligence | Combined Assurance optimisation Ongoing compliance and management, assisted services, annual audits + any necessary certification / attestation readiness assessments OutcomeClearly defines the current EGRC Maturity Level1. What do we have?2. What are our exposures and where are our risks concentrated?3. What is missing and where to next? OutcomeDeep dive into the gaps identified, guidance on best practice, access to advisory, build out of a context specific detailed remedial action plan to meet the client’s GRC requirements as specified and in line with recommended and best practices. OutcomeAll the GRC tools, guidance and training, necessary to execute your remedial action plan. Implemented in alignment to your organisational structure and needs. Rollout policy and procedure, track compliance, enforce workflows, enable incident and issues reporting.Embed 3 / 5 lines of defence. Enable Combined Assurance Model. EGRC Optimised Maturity consistently maintained in a Controlled Management System. Assistance to completing, Risk Assessments, compliance activities and tasks on a Monthly / Quarterly / Annual basis. Access to ongoing advice and guidance. Annual maturity review audits. R Functionality/Content in RUIBIQ Platform S Full Advisory Programme/Solution Available T Audit/Discovery/Vulnerabilities/Tech Tools Available 1. 2. 3. 4. R S S T R R R S S T T

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Structured and project managed programme – understand your current maturity and work through a tailored compliance plan to achieve certification.

Input and guidance from GRC specialists

Content and guidance

Training and leadership workshops

GRC policies and documents review and alignment

Implementation of contextualised an appropriate integrated GRC Management Platform (ISMS) for your organisation.

Embed a technology assisted Risk Appetite and Tolerance Management Framework.

Embed a Control Assurance Framework.

Empower management | committee report and Board reporting requirements so as to demonstrate high degrees of Stakeholder confidence and transparently show an effective Combined Assurance working model.

Standards / Compliance Covered

King IV – Corporate Governance SA

ISO 31000 – Risk Management

ISO 19600 – Compliance Management System

ISO 19600 – Compliance Management System

ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management Business Resilience

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System

ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

Companies Act 71 of 2008



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