What are Maturity Assessments?

In a nutshell…
It is well documented that Companies with a high degree of GRC integrated maturity achieved within their organisations are:

  • More likely to meet and exceed expectations in achievement of objectives.
  • Have far higher customer retention levels than their competitors.
  • Are perceived by their customers and key stakeholders with a higher level of trust and confidence.
  • Demonstrate significant increased capabilities to deal with the unexpected.
  • Demonstrate far higher levels of resilience to interruptions and crisis.

Unfortunately, very few organisations take the time to effectively develop a GRC roadmap and strategy against a proven GRC Maturity Model.

Our array of maturity assessments are available as stand-alone assessments or form part of a broader Phase 1 baseline assessment of your GRC maturity, when combined with complimenting scans and advisory.

RUBIQ offers an array of maturity assessments covering a broad scope of GRC verticals. They have been developed in conjunction with our world class GRC subject matter experts and offer an easy and rapid solution to identify an organisations maturity within their desired GRC vertical or across multiple verticals. From there we can make recommendations on next steps and assist in compiling your compliance plan.

Our assessments have assisted organisations of all sizes significantly enhance their GRC insights and maturity.

The RUBIQ Maturity Assessment verticals:

  1. Information Privacy (POPIA, GDPR, UK DPA and more)
  2. Information Security (ISO 27001)
  3. IT Risk and Governance (Multiple standards and frameworks)
  4. Enterprise GRC (Multiple standards and frameworks)
  5. People Risk
  6. Directors Duties
  7. Ethics
  8. Financial Controls
  9. OHS (ISO 45001)
  10. BCM and Business Resilience

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Maturity Assessment Process and Timelines

1. Submit request for assessments and optional scans

2. Receive onboarding form

3. Settle upfront payment

4. Receive welcome email, explainer email and videos and links to RUBIQ Maturity Assessment(s) within 24 hours

5. Complete online assessment (+/- 1 hour)

6. Within a week our RUBIQ Team will reach out to schedule a feedback session for the following week (i.e. 1 – 2 week turnaround).

7. Pay outstanding amount

8. Executive report, detailed findings, recommended next steps | Feedback session plus report

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Overview of reporting

Maturity Assessment outcomes and the full Phase 1 is delivered in an informative executive feedback session with the relevant stakeholders. We prepare and present the document (20+ pages), in person or over Teams / Zoom and explain the full findings and recommended next steps. Phase 1 informs and provides critical insights into the execution and focus of Phases 2 and 3 (if these are required by the client)

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