Privacy Matters

Your privacy of your information is extremely important to us. We will always make sure we have your consent and that we clearly state the purpose for which we collect information.

There is information we need to collect, given the nature of our business and our engagement with you as a client or a prospective interested party, in the course of conducting daily business.  The Protection of Personal Information Act of South Africa, POPIA, as well as GDPR the UK GDPR and many other legislation and regulations, have set the premise for ensuring that companies take the privacy of peoples personal information seriously.

However, even if such legislation and regulations didn’t exist at all,  it would be good and ethical business practice to take personal and information of the people who seek to do business with us and those that we seek to do business with, seriously and ensure that we take every possible measure to safeguard such information in the most secure and effective way possible.

As such we believe that it is critically important that we:

  1. make you fully aware of your rights and
  2. ensure we maintain our systems and processes to rapidly respond to any queries and requests you may have for us, in execution of your rights.

All the information you need to know, in respect of our approach to privacy is located on this page and through the tabs above. You are always free to contact us for further information if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Looking out for your privacy and security

The RUBIQ Team