Information privacy management isn’t only about compliance – it’s about trust in your organisation, preserving shareholder value and protecting valuable data from cyber threats.

Ransomware and data theft is at an all time high. The average maturity levels for Information Security and Data Privacy Management are generally found to be low in most organisations. This creates opportunity for threat actors to make easy targets of unsuspecting organisations.

The legislative and regulatory universe is steadily growing, making it that much more difficult for a Company to stay on top of meeting legal compliance and keeping up with necessary technical controls.

Our information privacy programme covers POPIA, GDPR and UK DPA , CCPA, HIPAA, ISO 27701 and a number of other Data Privacy legislations, standards and frameworks. The Programme guides clients through a robust and structured approach to comprehensively deal with information privacy needs, no matter your current maturity.

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Cyber threats, such as ransomware, are ever increasing and damaging. In addition, many clients require their service providers to be ISO 27001 certified in order to do business.

Our information security programme follows a structured and phased rollout and will successfully achieve ISO 27001 certification readiness for your organisation. It’s not just about certification, we embed a robust information security management system and processes to assist your organisation effectively mitigate cyber threats.

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Building and implementing a robust and appropriate IT Governance and Cyber Security Framework for your organisation is no easy task and requires extensive subject matter expertise if it is to achieve it’s stated objectives.

We’ve partnered with multiple leading subject matter experts to build out our capabilities in this area. Our structured programme in this area will ensure a dynamic and comprehensive framework and system that works for your organisation and covers multiple standards, best practices and legislation. Achieve a competitive edge and IT governance and cyber security excellence and assurance with RUBIQ.

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Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance is a broad term covering multiple verticals. We have established structured programmes and phased approaches across the spectrum of Enterprise GRC. Whether your organisation wants to focus on a specific vertical or manage GRC through an integrated approach, we provide structured Programmes for:

Enterprise Risk Management
Directors Duties
People GRC
Financial Controls
Ethics & Fraud Management
Quality Management System
Compliance Universe Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Physical Security
Governance Framework
Combined Assurance Model
Risk Based Integrated Internal Audit
3 Lines of Defence Integrated Reporting

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