Cyber Risk Rating Score

Cyber Risks are on the increase with Ransomware attacks at an all time high. You may be critically exposed to cyber attack and possible data breach.

We offer a unique standards-based cyber risk assessment, that analyses your supply chain’s cybersecurity posture from three critical dimensions:

  • Technical vulnerabilities
  • Compliance gaps
  • Financial value at risk

The full RUBIQ Phase 1 Maturity Vulnerability Review, will help you understand exactly how exposed you are and give you a detailed understanding of your AS IS Data Privacy Maturity and Cybersecurity Posture and help you develop the right plan to close your Gaps. You can click below to get a Quote for Phase 1 of your journey now.

To Help you make the right decisions regards your next step in your Data Privacy Maturity Journey in complying with POPIA, get a FREE Ransomware Susceptibility Report for your Company. The Rating will include a Technical, Compliance and Benchmark Assessment, presented in your Ransomware Report.

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