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The last thing you want is to be in this position, yet more and more companies are finding themselves the adverse effect of a cyber-attack that leads to ransomware, data breach, extortion, and loss of trust as a sustainable business to do business with!

There are many significant indicators, that often, go undetected by IT monitoring, business as usual. The standard indicators tend to include, increased network traffic anomalies, suspicious login attempts, and a surge in phishing emails targeting, employees, out of date patches, open ports and out of date SSL / TLS certificates, to name a few.

Indicators, that many a time get missed, include, small system modifications that are unexpected, unusual user behaviors that are hidden to IT Admins, unusual system resources that peak at unusual times and are missed by standard IT monitoring processes, Bots that sit silently, for months unseen and undetected, quietly gathering data about you and your systems, security alert fatigue, the human being just becomes overwhelmed in responding to the volume of issues detected, and finally one of the biggest causes of risk, ignoring the security risk exposures of your critical 3rd parties, whom you have little to no real idea of what risks they might be exposing your organization to.

Are you truly informed and fully aware of the total impact, in both primary and secondary loss, a cyber-attack could have, in devastating consequences for your organization, including but not limited to:

Data Breach: Unauthorized access to sensitive information such as customer data, financial records, or intellectual property could result in significant financial losses, legal repercussions, and damage to your reputation.

Disruption of Operations: A successful cyber-attack could disrupt your operations, causing downtime, loss of productivity, and potentially impacting your ability to deliver products or services to your clients. This leads to loss of trust and customer attrition.

Financial Loss: Cyber-attacks often come with multiple financial costs, including expenses related to incident response, remediation, regulatory fines, and potential lawsuits from affected parties.

Reputational Damage: A breach or any form of cyber-attack can severely tarnish our organization’s reputation, eroding trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders. Rebuilding trust can be a long and arduous process. Many companies often never recover from this impact if the post incident response procedure was poor, or the company attempted to conceal the impact or even the occurrence of the event.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Depending on the nature of the breach, you may face legal and regulatory consequences for failing to protect sensitive data adequately. This could result in penalties, sanctions, or mandatory compliance requirements.

Given the severity of these potential impacts, we urge you to take immediate action to bolster your cybersecurity defenses. This will include reinforcement of what you are already doing, such as, implementing additional security measures, conducting employee training and awareness programs, and enhancing incident response protocols. However, more is needed to stay ahead of the curve, when it comes to this exponentially growing risk.

RUBIQ AI - GRC Assistant

RUBIQ has developed an AI, algorithm supported GRC Assistant, that once implemented into your environment, RUBIQ ACE, will be your 24/7/365, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Internal Controls and Audit expert. The RUBIQ ACE algorithms are supported by a smart tool that will directly collect “evidence” of governance, compliance, risk management and effective control, within both your structured and unstructured data. This evidence is brought into the RUBIQ GRC platform and assessed against the library of RUBIQ ACE GRC algorithms. The outcomes, in success or failure, are posted to your RUBIQ GRC Control Assurance Screens, which then formulate your management, committee and Board Reporting. This approach allows you to step up above the criminal cyber threat actors mind, and stay ahead in proactive control and continuous monitoring, in a rich and meaningful way.

We would like to offer you a quick assessment regards the true exposure, you may have, to possible Data Breach, Ransomware and the consequential Business Interruption and Reputation Risk that will follow such an event.

Click the link below to take an initial quiz and get an immediate quote:

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